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Warmly celebrate the success of the University of Peking University to visit the group's visit to the great success

 May 22, 2015, Peking University, Huiyang, seven classes of business into the big group to visit the successful end of the exchange activities, the trip was a large group of companies warmly welcome and warm hospitality, the event was a complete success.

    It is reported that this event led by Peking University business management class Li Baolin, nearly 40 were engaged in culture, environmental protection, construction, steel, hardware, education, investment and financing and other areas of the university students participated in the event. Under the leadership of the group led by the students, visited the group's three large steel structure plant, viewing the product exhibition hall, watch the production site, listen to the successful experience of the enterprise, and interactive communication.

    Symposium by Shun Group Assistant Chairman / general manager Li Yihao presided over the import and export company, Shun Group Chairman Yao Haiying, general manager Yao Haiou, vice president Liang Jingmei, Hong Shun Dali Jian'an company deputy general manager Xie Yuexian, Yao sea, Liu Dingyu, Li Qinglin and other University classmates had in-depth exchanges.

    The participants were introduced each one airs his own views, and to shun large group achievements fully affirmed, and valuable suggestions for the development of the company. During the meeting, the students learn from each other, how to improve their management level, break through the bottleneck, to solve the three generations of the rich but deeply discussed. Particularly gratifying is that a number of enterprises reached a cooperation intention to become a business partner, the successful realization of business cooperation.


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