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Warmly celebrate the successful completion of the group's safety training activities

The evening of June 4, 2015, Shun Group organizational units under the jurisdiction of the staff, held "Shun safety training activities in large group multi functional conference group training hall, including daily production and life safety training, fire prevention, electricity, accident prevention and escape skills training, and achieved the desired results, my colleagues have that accepted the baptism of mind a" safe "seed, aroused sympathy.

It is reported that the activity of the Dong do a full preparation activities in conjunction with general serious organization. The training manager training by Lei Wangang speaker, informative, vivid, interactive experience of employees, a warm atmosphere, a complete success. Assistant chairman of the Group Company Import & Export Company general manager Li Yihao on behalf of the board of directors for the pre mobilization, asking everyone to respect life, ability to learn, to learn, to learn the skills of production safety, in the daily life and production, safety knowledge, each carrying a copy of their own responsibility; near the end, the total import and export company manager Li Yihao made "Shun dream" as the theme of the speech, called on his colleagues to positive and brave success mentality, dare to meet in "Shun every challenge", seize every opportunity to show their ability and cleverness, of one heart and one mind, dedication, work together to create a safe, harmonious and innovative happiness, burst table Shun group.

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