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Shun large group of companies to pick lychee success

In June, Li cooked fruit fragrance, cicadas. The afternoon of June 23, 2015, the group company office in conjunction with the company office carefully organized an activity products of litchi picking. Activities not only enrich the life of the employees of the group company, enhance the cohesion of the team, but also to make the staff to enjoy the delicious lychee in south of the Five Ridges, feeling the sun bathed under the policy of a happy and happy life.

In litchi orchard, Fangyanwangqu, litchi covered with branches, with a swagger, a drop of water left on litchi trees. A good selection of litchi trees, all the staff together, unity and cooperation, and some on the tree to pick some jump, capture, some tree qiaowang pick lychee. Everyone in the best of spirits, gradually pick, pick taste gradually gradually. Less than an hour, all staff will be full of water".

After the end of the lychee picking activities, the company organized the staff held a simple delicious dinner. We come on an impulse, fun, activity atmosphere active, team cooperation and harmony embodies the CIS group since its inception the company has been to create a team, struggle to corporate culture, so that we can take a more active and more sunshine state of mind into work and life, to help the development of Escort Group company.

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