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Shun Group (massun) Party branch in freshwater danggongwei organization three three real strict thematic lectures

The morning of June 26, 2015, freshwater freshwater Street office in Huizhou City Party committee of Huiyang district held three strict three thematic lectures and training of party activists, 2015. Shun Group (massun) Party branch to participate in the event, a large group of Dong Shun Import & export company help / general manager Li Yihao representatives.

At the meeting, Huiyang Water Street Party committee secretary Tao Weijun on "what is the basic connotation of 'three real'? "And" why should carry out the 'three strict three real' special education? "," how to carry out the 'three strict three real' special education? "," leading cadres' how to do 'three strict three real example? "The problem, made a wonderful thematic lectures for the cadres of the party members.

Promotion: the 94 anniversary of the founding, practice the three three real strict, firm ideals and beliefs, thoughts and actions of the dungeon master switch! Strict to slim, strict right to exercise self-discipline, look for a job to be real, to be real entrepreneurs, real man to! [Shun Group (Yang) branch of the party]

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