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Warmly congratulate the big group of five consecutive years passed the ISO9001:2008 Certification Review

July 8, 2015, quality certification center of the audit team to visit my company for ISO9001:2008 audit, visit by Shun Group Company Dong help / Import & Export Company general manager Li Yihao and the relevant functional departments responsible for the warm welcome, a member of the expert group agreed that Shun Da group company quality management system to meet the certification requirements for 5 consecutive years to obtain ISO9001:2008 identification.

The expert group after the various departments to carry out the quality management system and production workshop site management comprehensive audit, a member of the expert group agreed that Shun Group Company quality management system to meet the certification requirements, effective operation, once again successfully passed the annual review of quality system supervision work, to ensure that the company's quality management system certification and continuous effectively, further evidence of the high quality level of our products in the steel structure design, industry chain in the development, production and service, for subsequent product marketing, to provide a strong guarantee.

Huizhou City Shun Group Co. Ltd. was founded in 2004, is one of the most competitive region in East Guangdong Steel Group corporation. Since 2009 the company since the establishment of quality system, all employees in the system of "continuous improvement" under the guidance of the principle, to product quality as the focus of the growing concept, form a good habit of work according to the documentation requirements, at the same time, improve a lot of rules and regulations and procedures, the establishment of an effective mechanism for continuous improvement. Its management level and product quality has been continuously improved, and favorable to promote the work of the company, the effect is obvious. Our goal is not to get a quality certification, more important is to continue the implementation of standardized management according to ISO 9001 standard in the future work, we found that the quality system in production process and failure factors, effective analysis and improvement, in order to provide customers with more quality products and services, better meet user requirements, improve customer satisfaction.

Set up the brand to further standardize the management, quality assurance, quality management, the company hired experts to carry out the standards, and according to system standards revised quality manual and related procedures, improve the departmental workshop, responsibilities and work processes, combined with the actual production for the work instructions, product inspection records etc.. By the Certification Center experts strict assessment, the company successfully passed the supervision review.

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