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Warm congratulations on the success of the China International Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce in Huizhou

In order to further promote mutual understanding, Huizhou International Chamber of Commerce member inter enterprise communication and cooperation, the implementation of the Council of the International Chamber of Commerce Chinese preparations for the spirit of the meeting, the afternoon of August 18th, by Huizhou City Council (ICC) President Yuan Kuidong visit the delegation headed by a nearly 30 people respectively visited Huizhou City Shun Huizhou city group limited and under the flag of Hong Shun Dali Steel Structure Co. Ltd, Huizhou City Shun New Building Technology Co. Ltd., Huizhou City Shun Import and export Limited branch, Huizhou Yifeng Arts & Crafts Co. Ltd., Huizhou Xindu Hotel, during the visit of the delegation visits and exchange forum.

The forum by CCPIT vice chairman Yang Jinqiang presided over the activities of the attention of the relevant departments of the local government, director of the Huiyang Bureau of Commerce Zhang Yanqiong, Huiyang District autumn long street party committee secretary Luo Wensong and other leaders invited to attend the forum, director Zhang Yanqiong on the current international trade situation, puts forward the service requirements for the enterprise of foreign trade Luo Wensong; Secretary of the street office long autumn humanities, geography and economy for a detailed description of the industrial town, clear positioning, also said that the town should strengthen exchanges and enterprise, in time to help solve the problems facing enterprises, and constantly improve the basic road construction, given instructions on Shun Group plant public area road construction, should as soon as possible according to the law, according to the law and increase support for enterprises.

Huizhou Shunda Group Chairman Yao Haiying on the enterprise technology research and development, talent structure, manufacture and installation, product marketing at home and abroad in recent years, especially for the steel structure industry and Shun Group in the future development of new intelligent green building industry were introduced. Yifeng Arts & Crafts Company Chairman Liang Guoqing, chairman of the Li Weijun metropolitan hotel business growth history to share. CaMon financial network chairman Yin Zheng, Ming Sheng Precision Mould chairman Liu Xueming speech, President Yuan Kuidong highly affirmed the significance of the event, the demands of the Huizhou International Chamber of Commerce in the future work and concluding remarks.

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