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Warm congratulations to Yao Haiying, chairman of the China Chamber of Commerce, vice president of the Huizhou chamber of Commerce, and the speech at the closing ceremony

The morning of September 22, 2015, Chinese International Chamber of Commerce Huizhou chamber of Commerce (hereinafter referred to as the Huizhou International Chamber of Commerce) in Huizhou City Hall Taojing Hotel on the third floor meeting of the sixth members of the general assembly was held, the International Chamber of Commerce nearly 200 member companies have a joyous gathering, to discuss plans for the development of the Huizhou International Chamber of commerce. The provincial council and municipal government leaders and the city authorities, business associations and other more than and 40 people were invited to attend the meeting. Yao Haiying, chairman of Shun Group, was elected vice president of Huizhou chamber of Commerce of China International Chamber of Commerce, and on behalf of the closing ceremony.

It is reported that the conference has been attached great importance to and support the provincial council and the municipal government. CCPIT (Guangdong International Chamber of Commerce) party secretary, President Chen Qiuyan personally go to the speech; the Secretary of municipal Party committee, deputy secretary, director of Municipal People's Congress Chen Yiwei and mayor Mai jiaomeng on the afternoon of 21 met with President Chen Qiuyan, my next year held a "global benefits goods" and the establishment of overseas economic and trade office and other matters were the exchange of opinions; municipal government deputy party secretary, vice mayor Wang Sheng attended the meeting and on behalf of the municipal Party committee, municipal government congratulated the convening of the general assembly.

The general assembly by the City Council (ICC) party secretary, chairman Yuan Kuidong presided over, the main task is the newly elected members of the Council. General Assembly passed the "China International Chamber of Commerce Huizhou chamber of Commerce and the" constitution "election procedures", by all the members of the secret ballot, the election of the president of the Huizhou International Chamber of Commerce, vice president of the Sixth Council, the secretary general, executive director of a total of 60 people. After the election, President Chen Qiuyan and vice mayor Wang Sheng as vice president of the newly elected units issued plaque; Huizhou Shunda Group Chairman Mr. Yao Haiying on behalf of the new vice president position to speak at the conference.

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