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Light Steel Construction Cottage

Product details

Light Steel Construction Cottage Relative Data:

(1) Seismic performance: The light weight, metal properties and shear wall structure determine excellent seismic performance. The direction of earthquake activity is around up and down, so the light steel structure linked by screws is a safe and stable box, and will not endanger personal by the collapse of the wall or floor fall because of the shaking of the earthquake. It can withstand an earthquake up to magnitude 9.

(2) Sound insulation performance

Wall sound insulation 45db

Floor impact sound pressure level 70db

Thermal insulation requirement is in accordance with local climate, the thickness of the thermal insulation can be adjusted arbitrarily.

(3) Wind resistant: it can withstand a heavy typhoon up to category 17.

(4) Environmental friendly: 100% of the material including steel, wood and plastic are all recyclable.

(5) Safety: It is permanent house which is different with color plate house and prefab house, and its durability reaches 50 years which meet the national standard.

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