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Prefab House

Product details


(1) Reliable structure: Light steel flexible structure system, safe and reliable, meet the structural requirement.

(2) Convenient disassembly: Recyclable and it can afford multiple disassembly and assembly, easy assembly with a few tools ; one person can assemble 20~30 square meters one day; 6 persons can finish a standard prefab house of 3K×10K in two days.

(3) Nice-looking decoration: Bright in color, soft texture, smooth surface.

(4) Flexible layout: The door and window can be set at the arbitrary position; indoor cut-off can be configured flexibly; the stairs are placed outdoors.

(5) Water resistant: The roof is designed as water resistant, and don’t need other processing.

(6) Durable: Anti-corrosion and painting processing make it durable, and it can be used for more than ten years.

(7) Environmental friendly: Reasonable design, easy disassembly and assembly, recyclable and can be used multiple without construction waste. The average cost is much lower than another kind of house.

(8) Various specifications: It is designed with standard component; the length and width are determined by modulus K(1K=1820mm); the width is mK+160 while the length is nK+160.

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