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Watchhouse and Wall

Product details

Watchhouse Feature

(1) Rational appearance design makes it open to the view.

(2) The major framework is made of 45*75*1.2 good-quality stainless steel under overall welding technique, with high strength and wind pressure resistance.

(3) Polyboard is used in wall decoration, high-quality fireproof aluminum material is used in ceiling decoration, and high-quality PVC material is used in floor decoration.

(4) Flexible combination of different facilities, including light, power socket, electric control box, desk, ventilator, etc. toll collection system can also be configured for various purpose.

(5) Advanced argon arc welding and special water-proof technique are used to improve the waterproofness performance.

(6) The power supply system is modular and centralized managed, with nice-looking, rational, and safe wiring, which can be maintained conveniently.

(7) The wall can be painted as multicolor, the style and facility are variously optional based on the requirement.

(8) Internal drainage is configured to prevent eavesdrop, which makes it easy to get in and out in rainy days.

(9) Good performance in leakproofness and sound insulation, thermally-insulated in summer while heat-preserved in winter, which is energy-saving and environment-friendly.

(10) 0.1mm sanding high-strength stainless steel extrudate is used in wall and roof, to prevent rust and increase durability.

(11) Horizontal sliding door is installed, which can slide to left and right easily and conveniently.


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