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Watchhouse and Wall

Product details

Watchhouse and wall Feature and Function

(1) Less land occupation and short construction period

The thickness is only 5cm, 80% space can be saved compared with the traditional wall, take a construction site with size 200m×200m for example, 40m2 can be saved. The installation can be finished in 5-7 days.

(2) Cost saving

It can be used for more than ten years, even with frequent setup and disassembly; it can still be recycled for more than five times, the average cost is only 25% of the traditional wall if used five times.

(3) Firm and safe

Long expansion screw is used to fixed the column to the hard ground, while for soft ground, deep hole and heavy column will be used, the wall and the column are connected by galvanizing U-shape steel, which can prevent foundation sinking, wall cracking and collapse in heavy rain and wind.

(4) Environment-friendly, nice looking, easy to clean

The wall is made of blue color steel panel; the column is made of white square steel, a white end cap is fixed on the top of the column(to install street lamp), the edge is rimmed by galvanized steel. It has even height, size and color, and the dirt can be cleaned easily by water.

(5) Wide application

It can be installed on different kind of ground(soft and hard) and landform(uphill and downhill), can be used in a different kind of linear construction site safety protection, and can be used in a construction site for anti-theft, anti-trespassing and anti-soil-erosion.

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